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Developments in Pastoral Care


At Christ Church we are privileged to have a Deacon Pastor, the Rev. Deacon Karen Kovacs.  Our Deacon Pastor adds greatly to our pastoral care. Parishioners are encouraged to contact the office (780-532-2093) when the need for pastoral care arises or to reach out directly to Karen by email at


Sacramental Ministry at Christ Church


As Anglicans we firmly believe that God makes himself specially present and grants to us his presence in the acts of baptism and the Lord's Supper. That is, God pours his power through to us in the waters of baptism and in the bread and wine of holy communion. The priest of any Anglican parish is responsible for the administration of these power-filled acts of worship. He or she will offer baptismal preparation instruction, first communion sessions and the opportunity to receive holy communion on a regular basis. If you're interested in learning more about sacraments and their role in our daily lives, please contact the office at 780-532-2093.




The Anglican Church of Canada requires Marriage Preparation for all couples being married in the church.  And so Marriage Preparation is a necessary and beautiful prelude to any wedding held in Christ Church. 

Marriage preperation is available through our Rev. Deacon Karen Kovacs. She can be reached at our office at 780-532-2093 or via email

Sunday School

Sunday School


Children are a welcome part of every Sunday service at Christ Church.  Following the reading of the Gospel, the Children’s Time introduces children (and eavesdropping adult parishioners) to an item or an idea or an activity which will contribute to their understanding and growth in the Christian faith.  Then they are welcomed into the Sunday School where they hear a Bible story and complete a craft.  They return to the church service by joining the congregation during the Peace and remain for the final prayers/communion.

Image by Josh Applegate
Baptismal Preparation

Baptismal Preparation Classes


Baptism is the sign of new life in Christ.  The celebration of this sacrament requires careful preparation by the candidates and/or their parents and sponsors. 

We offer baptismal preparation classes with our Priest and provide the opportunity to consider the meaning, provision, and opportunity of this rite. 

We welcome all who are considering baptism for themselves or their infants to join us at our 10 am Sunday services and/or our once-monthly Friday evening Messy Church gatherings in order to discover the community of which you will become a part as baptized Christians.


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